Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Holy Carp !

Andy : Hey Loki !

Loki : Yes , Bubble Butt ?

Andy : I am not a Bubble Butt...I'm dah FLOOFINATOR !

Loki: Whatever . Why in Bast's name did you wake me up ?

Andy : I has a secret...I has a secret and I'm not tellin.

Loki: No..you're too dumb to know what a secret is.

Andy : No..I is not too dumb..you're a meanie. I'll show you..My secret is.......

Loki : Yes...?

Andy: I saw a snakey thing in dah howse !


Andy : Yuppers ! I'm gonna tell MINE mommy so she sees what a brave big FLOOFINATOR I is.

Loki: Andy..dude..I know you've been here a while but trust me...we have no snakes in the house. Mommy hates snakes...and you'll freak her out. Remember when the metal machine got smacked ?

Andy: I'll prove it, follow me !

Andy : See..a ginormous snake.

Loki: Holy Carp...it's all the way in the guest room. We need to hide and think..maybe it's time for treats and a nap...go bug Daddy and Uncle Moron.

Andy : Okey Dokey...........treats !!!!!!!!!

What a weekend.

We had it all planned to prune both big and little Red which was great to get out of the way ( thanks honey) and then off to get all of the crap off the den floor to clean the carpet.

And the carpet cleaner quit...then starts on it's own , then quits one final time.

So off to Slammin Sammy's to get a new and bigger badder one which is the one that we should have gotten in the first place and not been worried about a few bucks one way or the other.

Remember , with Xena's condition, we wore the hell out of it..it's not intented to be used on a daily much less thrice daily use.

Homeward again..love the machine ..it's totally tits up !

Then Jeri Lee calls from the parking lot at her hairdressers..the ball joint on the passenger front wheel went splat..and Triple A is on the way. Of course I can watch the puppys as she heads to the mechanics and then her sons to borrow a truck.

And SU nearly scalds himself in the shower that night....NO COLD WATER !

I kid you not..he reads this BTW and may feel free to verify with a comment.

Sunday night, imagine my bliss when I am now in the shower...wait for it....AND THERE IS NO HOT WATER....none....zip ...nada.

I do so love shaving my legs in a cold shower.

So last night..the hose got hooked up to the tank to drain it into the flower beds as SU and Jeri Lee went off to Lowes to buy a water heater, thank God she still has Donovans truck..not so much room in Lola for that sort of thing .

And so SU and Uncle Moron ( thank you Steve - you rock) are home installing the new 40 gallon heater..as I realize that I am going to dread next months water bill.

I hope there is hot water tonight or it will be a repeat of last night at Miss Jeri Lee's and Miss Cindys back door :

Knock Knock..." Hello , May I borrow a cup of hot shower ?"

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, lordy... good thing I just went to the loo or we'd have a real mess here. I was laughing so hard. No not AT you, hon. Really! I swear!

I could just picture it all. Wishing you warm and lovely showers for the foreseeable future!