Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twitchy Tuesday

Rain: 104 days since a soaking rain , 42 days since any measurable trace amounts.

The picture has nothing to do with anything..I just laughed my voluptuous ass off when I saw it.

Having gotten over the rant of yesterday...for the most part..I realized that part of my self diagnosed twitchiness is the fact that no matter how hard I try , either the yard looks fabu( take that you Nazi) or the house does.

If the patio is swept of pine needles and mulch ( my 2 long hair children are very much into the organic recycled statements) then the kitchen floor needs sweeping and moping.

If the plants are all trimmed in their beds...the carpets need to be spot cleaned or hoovered...or both.

If the roses are all dead headed, the bathrooms need cleaning.

If the watering is all done then the bedrooms and all if the furniture need to be dusted.

If everyone needs their miracle grow for their particular feeding, then there is not only a ton of laundry to be sorted, washed , folded and put away not to mention the various bits by dry cleaning that need to be put on real hangers and sent to their proper closets.

If someone has knocked over their water and or food bowl..there's a hairball and or bile on the wood dining room table so the culprit has to be located or better yet everyone gets their special yum yum treat ( Petromalt) and Old English needs to be applied to the wood stat.

Don't get me wrong, SU does a LOT to help..but it's getting busy with his golf ( thank you Jeebus for getting him back to playing every other weekend and out from under foot..he gets cranky...YES..you do too !) and his work and things on the schedule ..so I am not the Lone Ranger here.

I used to be able to do it all by myself..I used to be a lot younger and thinner for that matter ..but now..it's just not happening. I would love to be able to afford a maid again..and maybe in a few years that will happen but more than anything else other than the money, Xena's health issues are just too much to juggle with a stranger in the house , even on a regular basis.

I think the best thing for me to do is to just take one thing..LMAO..Lady Lisa..we've had this conversation recently , haven't we ?

Usually when I get out of the office and I work 8 to 6 with an hour lunch as my standard..I am just ..bleh.

Rather than make the excuse.." Oh shite..I can't do anything after I feed the kids and do the urgent cleanup as needed because NCIS is on...I can at least wash the kitchen rug and put some of the dry cleaning away on commercials.

A small something every night .

It's either a plan or I have lost it and frankly I am leaning more towards the latter than the former...after all...

This mornings mental music that I heard in my head when I woke up ( yes, this is normal for me , it's a subconcious clue from me to self on how I anticipate the carnage that is usual when you work for attorneys on a day to day basis) was....

Wait for it..


Don McLeans " American Pie " sung by drunken Japanese or Korean businessmen in a kareoke bar...at 2 am.




Aunty Pol


The Meezers or Billy said...

HAHAHAHAHA - I am SOOOOOOOOO glad I'm not the only one who wakes up to the internal alarm clock random music station - MeezerMom

Tara Lea said...

Kudos!!! This was much needed today! After the 9-5 has ended and I get home....the 6-11 begins. One task done....one million awaiting...but I AM NOT ALONE!!! :D