Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Miscellanious Things In My Head Today

The above adorable kitty is CC or Copy Cat who is the first surviving feline clone ever. This lovely little lady lives in College Station , Texas in a forever home with human parents, a mate and their babies. Everyone is fixed as needed and they rule the roost. I have nothing against the whole idea as a concept but it's frankly not my cup of catnip. These pictures were in today's paper and just make me grin all day long which is a good thing as it's been one of those.

I've been awol for the last few days because while it is rare for me to have the time to blog on the weekend, Monday and yesterday, for whatever reason, there was just nothing interesting enough to blog happens.

I am going to miss Miss Anne's blog, " The Adventures of Calamity Anne ". She has been a go to every day for three years, and I do understand that she is trying to get her Etsy shop " The Chunky Mermaid" off the ground. She does wonderful shabby chic decor and if you have been around here long enough , you may recall that she did those wonderful tile coasters that I use every day and night . Go check her out on Etsy, tell her Aunty Pol sent 'ya !

Things I don't give a rats ass about this week:

1. Anything having to do with Arnold and the whatever the hell he's done now.I refuse to sit in judgement of someone I have never met...nuff said there.

2. Now much Mitt Romney has raised for his re-election campaign. Ditto Newt .

3. Giving cosmetic procedures as high school graduation gifts. Not my child, not my money.

Things I do care about this week:

1. Rain..please ..!

2. How SU and his family are coping this week.

3. My stepmothers condition and over all health.

Other than that..slow week. The kids are all fine thus far , even though SOMEONE decided to urp in the dining room. Xena has also decided to wake her daddy at 3:30 am aka oh dark thirty for brekky...good luck there sweetie.

Season Finales:

1. Castle : yet to see, recorded.

2. NCIS/NCIS-LA: DAMN and OMG DAMN ! Don't you dare kill off Hetty( Shadout Mapes ) Lange .

Series Finales :

1. Smallville: WAH ! I may never erase that ...oh Bo Kent , I will miss you and the Magnificant Bastard !

Lastly the summer clerks aka Baby Ducks are all here now , all 4 of them and they are adorable...yes..they follow like baby ducks.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

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