Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well...This Bites !

Little Mirro, why are you doing this to Aunty Pol ?

Haven 't I treated you nicely ?

I haven't dropped you.
I haven't put you through the washer or dryer.
You have your very own little leather carrying case.
I haven't broken the part that makes you go flippy.
I haven't scratched you .
Your screen saver is the cutest picture ever of Andy Panda Pants.
I appreciate your easy to read screen and numbers.
I appreciate the contacts list and how easy you are to use to add important stuffs.
I appreciate how easy your voice mail is to use.

Why won't you charge ?

We tried both chargers..

Why ?


It never fails, I find the simplest way to do something or the simplest toy or widget ..and it f's up on me..spiteful creatures all.

I am no where as obsessed by gadgets as SU is ...but still.

I want my little phone to work...does not wants a new one !

Not to mention..yeah..more money out the door ?

Gonna be a long month.

At least tomorrows Friday !

Carry On !


Aunty Pol

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