Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday

Happy Monday people !

It was an interesting weekend at times, and then there were the moments of " OMG !"

Yes, I watched " Smallville " but didn't see the first 18 minutes of it because someone ( Moi) was so convinced that she had in fact set the DVR to record this final show , that she never double checked it.

I know...say it with me :


Anyhoo, Saturday was no big shakes, the usual paws and claws for me and he worked half the day. Around 6 ish, Miss Cindy comes over to snag a glass of wine as she knows that being the good hostess that I am...I will keep your preference in wine on hand for just such a drive by..cause I was raised right. Shortly after that Miss Jeri Lee comes by with her beverage in the Ice House opened earlier than usual..again no biggie.

Then Crazy Kay comes over....Ruh Roh.

As many times as I have asked her not to , she brings a glass glass over with her containing her beverage to the Ice House . I have some very nice plastic glasses that are cute , functional and safe to use with adult beverages..but oh noes ..not for Kay. If and when she breaks one, it will be SU that lays down the law not me.

She then starts to say that she has a question and knowing her it could be anything. It seems that she is scheduled for some hammertoe surgery and has taken it to the point of getting all of the pre-op stuff done. Then she begins to ask us about recovery time and how is she going to be able to do her mile and a half daily walk with her cute but overindulged mini lassie breed dog Maddie. Then she starts to tell us about all of the horror stories that she has run across in the 'Net about this sort of surgery and claims that she has half a mind ( snerk) t0 cancel the surgery .I did nicely point out that you can't take everything on the 'Net as gospel and that there are a lot of attention whores out there putting stuff on line. She is by now going on and on and on and on until I for one want to I can't help myself...I just flat out tell her :

" Kay, you survived surgery to remove a brain bad can this be ?"

Yes Sistah, I did.

We called it an early night by 8:30 and I went to crash since I knew that I had a boatload to do around the house and I'm gonna do any of that after a nail appt..yeah right .

Besides..there was the promise of a Chuys run..wheeee.

But back to the picture.

Have you ever seen a movie so God awful that it is hilarious ?


" Blood Angels".

Some vampire movie that is sooo bad I am laughing my ass off at he nail shop while it is on the TV. It makes the flying bat scene out of " Love at First Bite " which I love btw look positively National Geographic-esque.

It's so bad you can't even make a drinking game out of it.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

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