Friday, May 13, 2011

Adieu Smallville

I am an unabashed fan of the show.

The CW has photo's of the series finale and they are spoilers in and of themselves so go view or not.

That being said , when it was good, it was wonderful, when it wasn't OMG..f'g shoot me now.

*** Warning ~ Adult language will be used here when necessary or just cause I want to . *****

The Bad ( Mini Rant Alert ) :

1. Lana " Chipmunk Cheeks" Lang. the pilot, she was the unobtainable girl, pretty, sweet, smart ( WTF ~ yeah , I know ) who was perfect as the ideal. She was never cruel to Clark when he went all Gooberville around her either because of her meteor rock necklace or because Clark got his social skills from the cows on the farm. On any show that you want to give a chance you forgive a lot and if and when it is renewed, you hope that the show will get better. In Lana's case, not so much. Miles, the girl cannot act. Exactly how many people did you have on the payroll whose job was dedicated to see if the girl had a pulse at any given time ? Really ? That Many ? Wow.

2. Pete. I have to applaud the fact that in Bumfuck..oops Smallville , Kansas they gave Clark a black friend. They treated him as any other friend..just that . Much like the fact that " Eureka" has not made an issue of Allison and Jack's interracial relationship, Pete and Clark are just buds. They avoided the " We gotta hang together bro cause we are "outsiders" in this quaint village bit and it was adorable beyond belief when Pete tried out for the football team in the pilot and the gear swallowed him. Typical teenager stuff at that age. But then they just didn't know what to do with him. It took a couple of seasons to learn that his mother was an attorney and they were having to move for her promotion. I always assumed that they were in some sort of Bizarro style witness protection system..Then when the buzz kicked in , the writers decided to bring poor Pete back as some bozo who is either pushing meteor chewing gum or is an addict to it or both. Nice. Make the brother a junkie, how original of you . And Pete is basically gone.

3. Chloe. I get the unrequited love/girl crush bit...hey I'm a girl too ya know ...but would it be too hard for anyone ( Bueller ? ) to let everyone just accept that the girl is flat out the smartest person in the room ? She was never mean or snide about it, or ashamed of was what it was. I thought at first that she was supposed to represent Lucy Lane, but nope..throw her a Jimmy Olson who isn't even the real Jimmy Olson ( Grr) so that the fans of the original comics will shut up and go " Shiney ". At least she and Ollie got married in the end.

4. Lionel Luthor. Stop making him be less than the Magnificant Bastard once and for all. He all but imitated Snidley Whiplash when he would rub his beard/chin ala twirl the 'stash. Having him court/STALK Mama Kent was just way too Merv the Perve for any one of us. He gave Papa Kent the " Oh Crap..the ticker" routine, that alone should have given Clark to authority to go all Jor -El on his ass.


6. Kara. Close enough, but did the little lady forget where the itsy bitsy under the cheese dome/trifle bowl lone surviving Kyrptonian city was ? GPS anyone ?

7. OMFG ~ ZOMBIES ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

8. Meteor Rock are Evil, Evil I say to humans . Excuse me ? Really ? Alert POTUS..we will be up range quick like a bunny.

9. Tess. WTF KIND OF NAME IS LUTESSA ? You name me Lutessa and I will leave on my own and go post haste to the happy shiney orphanage , no problem. Forget the carousel, I want friggan bars on the windows and deadbolts on the doors to make sure that your ass leaves me alone. Lutessa/Lunestra..I always got them confused. No wonder the chick was so OTR all the time. I'd be there too.

10. The Farm. Can anyone recall a harvest of any kind or a cow actually being milked ? Me either . Nuff said here.

The Good Parts :

1. Martha Kent . I loved, loved, loved the fact that they cast the original Lana Lang as Martha Kent. I have always had a huge girl crush on her as an actress and as an extra bonus, they made her warm, smart and gave her some balls. Go Mama Kent.

2. Johnathan Kent. Bo Duke. Nuff said.

3. Showing respect to the original movies. Using Christopher Reeves ( dude , you are sooo missed ) and Margot Kidder ( stay on the meds honey, they seem to be working ) was tasteful, respectful and dignified. I can forgive a lot because of this.

4. The Fortress Of Solitude. Perfect.

5. Perry White . Michael McKean was a good shot and it was cute to see him act with his wife.

6. The Daily Planet Building/Logo . Again..showing respect...nice touch.

7. Hawkman . Okay..I am totally biased here but using Michael Shanks in a way that momentarily made me forget Daniel Jackson surprised even me.

8. Johnn Jones aka Martian Manhunter . Phil Morris, son of Greg Morris was again an inspired choice...and not to hard on the eyes either .

9. Brainiac . OMG..SPIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love James Marsters...OMG SPIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10.The powers that be had the sense to bring the iconic things in slowly. It was a brilliant move on their part to make us all wait and wonder when and if his powers would unfold. Also better still...they showed Clark/Kal-El having to learn to use them . They made him fail, practice and sometimes fail again before he got the hang of it. Do I think he will finally fly tonight ? Doubtful, but it would be the perfect surprise at the end of the series.

Last But not least:

THE BLUR ?????????????????????????????????????????????

THIS was the best you could come up with ?

Shame on you !


Aunty Pol, aka occasionally rabid fan gurl.

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