Thursday, May 12, 2011

Friday Eve

I have ranted in a previous post , and found a killer mac recipe over at : , and since tomorrow is Friday..I'm in a pretty good mood.

We actually got a trace amount of rain between 5 and 6 pm.

Thank you Gaia.

I was sooo thrilled that as soon as I changed and fed the kids, I made a beverage and went to go sit on the patio.

Screw dah skeeters.

I must have sat there for 45 minutes with the latest David Austin rose catalog , happier than hell . You have to understand that we have not had more than a half inch of rain since January 25, 2011...and while yesterday at my house would be considered a trace amount is the fact that it rained at all that almost melted my cold, ebil heart..almost.

Anyhoo...I'm thinking that we need some cupcakes in dah house so since he is playing golf this weekend...

Now the top picture is from a site called : and the actual product is called " Cup - a Cake " .

I love cupcakes.

I love making them, piping icing on to them, adding sprinkles...I blame that last bit on the fact that " My Little Pony " was after my age group...and lets face it..yes..Trolls are cute..( Sistah, has Buster left the Troll by the den door on the side table alone ?) ..Trolls and cupcakes and or cupcake decorations in the same sentence is just f'd up


Have a great Friday !


Aunty Pol

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