Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Half Way Being Halfway Through The Week.

# 1 Crepe Myrtles and Pink Hibiscus along the fence, geraniums and angelonias in the pots.

Yes, I know it is a crappy picture, but it is the actual back yard of yours truly so bear with me . I love my phone but the camera is iffy at best...and the light sucked...and I had a headache....and I needed more ice whilst out on the Patio..

I will get more pictures in here when I can.

It's half way through my Wednesday so I am halfway through the week on an upcoming long weekend. As usual, those who come into work on Friday will piss and moan about the fact that they are there , not realizing that they are not bright enough to have scheduled the day off. Others that come back from lunch will merrily wave at me as the glide out the doors about 2 pm.

I am here till 6 pm.

I will smile and mentally curse them as is my custom because I refuse to outwardly give any sign that their passive aggressive behavior is noticeable in any way .

And, as usual the Firm will let us begin to wear jeans to work every Friday so I got all of my 3 pair of jeans to the dry cleaners/tailors for alterations. You see I am barely 5 feet tall , and the standard inseam on women's slacks or jeans is 31 inches. My standard inseam is 27 1/2 inches. I measure these things . I also wear either a 2 1/2 or 3 inch heel almost every day, having cut back a bit on the heel height....LOL. SU damn near freaked out when he saw that I paid almost $40.00 to have the three pair of jeans hemmed .

These are not ordinary jeans.

These are " Not Your Daughters Jeans" and they start at $100.00 per pair on the low end.

Do I need to stop and go and get the smelling salts ?

Better ? Okay.

You see, while I love to shop , there are some things I hate to go shopping for other than anything that is not for me in some way.

I hate shopping for bras...but I know when JC Penny's has their sale and I know the style number of the Ambreille that fits me. I also have had a proper fitting and know what I need.

More that that, I hate shopping for jeans.

I am not 12 years old.

I am 56 years old and I have an ass.

I have curves .

I wear a size 16 and am not bothered in the least by it because I dress both age appropriately and very well , shopping anywhere from Chadwicks to Dillards and everything online or bricks and mortars in between.

I know the difference between style and fashion.

I need a jean that has for lack of a better work a crotch ( my late MIL used the word stride ) that is longer than 3 inches. I need a fit that is something other than the dreaded camel toe. I hate to tug on my jeans anywhere.

I need something that won't create more of a muffin top than I already have.

I need a dark wash boot cut.

I need something that I don't have to struggle to get out of when I've had that extra drink and then the urge to run to the powder room hits..we ALL know what I mean here ladies...oh yes we do !

So I decided that after talking to some ladies who are my age and more or less have my build...anywhere from a size 12 up...and hearing all of the raves and so on to take the splurge.

These jeans will be taken to the drycleaners. Thank Gaia I have one that is reasonably priced and close by.

You get to an age where you realize that some things are just going to cost more.

And you realize that you get to an age where you not only deserve it, you've earned it.

In all fairness, SU has never begrudged me anything, I think he was surprised that the jeans cost that much and that I actually paid it...but I'm like L'Oreale .

I'm worth it.

Hey y'all....send some rain it you can. It's too depressing to post the day count at this point.

Thank you !


Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Yes, hon, you most certainly are! (Worth it!)