Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ok...This Will Make Me Smile All Day !

Rain : 105 days since a soaking rain , 43 days since any measurable trace amounts.

I can't help it..this made me laugh my voluptuous ass off.

I think I need this as a tee shirt.

Truth be told, I think that the lil darlings have been basically saying this in real life anyway because they sure know how to give the " Where the hell have you been , you're 2 minutes late serving us dinner " look.


I am quite proud of myself.

As soon as the lil darlings got fed , I threw in a load of clothes, cleaned the kitchen, hoovered everything but our bedroom ( SU got that bit) ...swept and cleaned their bathroom floor, did another load of clothes and got all of that done in 2 hours.


To be fair, we have no human children, so there are no dinners to be done, bathes to be had or tucking to be in'd. I know for a fact that all the Mommy's and Daddy's out there have more pressing time frames so I don't want anyone to think that I am bragging or being a bitch...this is just the on going saga of a middle aged woman whose plate is too full....aka all of us out there .

I did as is my custom dvr both of the NCIS's and managed to catch the salient points.

Spoiler Alert:

They killed off Mike Franks ! Damn Them ..I really liked the way he could put "his " probie in his place..

I even caught all of the new " Body of Proof" , and it had a nice surprise too.

Tonight is scrubs night..sigh . Hopefully that will change soon because SU ordered 5 new sets of Dickys Scrubs from Jacques Penney but due to a snag on his part resulting in half the order being the wrong hopefully will be in this weekend.

I know it sounds minor, but mid week laundry just bugs the crap out of me.

We are having some drainage issues with the washer and the density of the Dickys brand as opposed to the cheap crap his boss provided may be an issue, but I think splitting it into a load of tops and a load of pants on the weekend will work out. I could do one of the loads on Friday when SU is at his usual haunt...hmmmmm...mebbe a plan is hatching ?

I will have to check the plants again tonight and give the yard a bit of water..and maybe fold a load from the dryer tonight...but..

DAMN..I am a happy camper , and for once not feeling so overwhelmed by the second job.


Aunty Pol

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