Friday, May 06, 2011

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday !

A Happy Friday to one and all.

I hope everyone has wonderful plans for the weekend, and if you are a mom, step mom or mom to be..


If your mother is no longer with you..or your mother in law for that matter , and you can still hear her voice in your head ( whether you want it there or not )..and you can still recall her fragrance ( ok..the word smell here just seemed f'g wrong - lol) and the taste of her food...bonus yourself to the beverage of your choice and send me the check....and trust me, as someone who has worked food service before..I tip really least 20 % or more.

It's not about the cards ( take that Hallmark) or the gifts...yes..I said's about remembering that your Mama loves you no matter what and sooner or later you will fess up to her that she WAS right more often than you cared to own up to.


This will probably be another one of those weekends.

My Magic Eight Ball assures me of that by the way.

You've all met SU so to speak, right ?

I'll let you in on a little secret..SU is a gadget FREAK !

The man cannot have too many ipods, mp3 players ...whatever...and he has a real love hate relationship with his phone.

The man LUBS his phone.

HE has any number of apps, can text if he chooses and dammit...I had to tell him about angry birds.

My Bad.

The other night he forgot to charge it and when he discovered this , he plugged it in to the charger in its assigned place on the kitchen counter next to the Krups coffee maker.

The charger which has slipped into the open can of cat food, also on the counter with the charger and the Krups ( bidness end of course) and was now suspect as to it's future operational capacity.

The charger that is the only one that will also work on my $39.00 throw down that I bought at Target and can actually use with ease and enjoyment.

Yeah..that one.

Well , it seemed to he okay then he realized it was not fully charging.

Well shit !

So knowing that we can in fact ( What we ? ...I'm not the one who should have to pay to replace the charger...I didn't do it ) ..replace the charger..okey dokey..use the car one.

My charger is fine by the way, thanks for asking .

The car charger didn't do a complete job on the charge.

Well shit !

As he says , it's his POS phone.

Okay..maybe..but then again maybe if you (SU) hadn't bounced/dropped it on the floor more than once..yeah.

We think he has insurance on it so I guess we will see.

I plan on giving him the money to go to the Texas Beer Festival up in our neck of the woods tomorrow as an early birthday presnt.

The man loves his beer and loves to pontificate on various beers and how they are brewed.


I kid you not.

It starts at 1 pm so I will have some space away from hearing him bitch and moan and carry on about the phone.


You have 3 options:

1. Fix it.
2. Replace it.
3. Shut the hell up about it.

Have a great weekend..and if you don't mind..could all y'all do a tiny rain dance for us here it Texas..its bad here...really bad.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Rain dance commencing, hon! Hope you had a peaceful mom's day (no urps).

LMAO on pontificate. Heck, honey, we have a group of home brewers at work and you ought to hear them go on at parties about the merits (or lack thereof) of various brews.