Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rain Pleeeze !

The above photo is not photo shopped. It came from the local KHOU ( website and I had seen it on the morning broadcast. is that bad, a bird made a nest in a public water fountain . Poor thing, it probably had to put extra twigs in there because of the metal heating up in the sun or so I suspect.

It's bad here folks.

There are massive wild fires in wet Texas in the Ft. Davis area and the for casted winds for the next few days are only going to make it worse. Records have been set for the state in the amount of acreage burned thus far and the New Braunfels area has started mandatory water usage schedules. We cannot be far behind.

Luckily Mr. Trejo has just mulched the flower beds and I am very careful about the usage since that bill falls in my pile to pay every month. To be honest , we'd watch it anyway on general principal.

One of the things that we ( SU and I ) do if a hurricane is headed our way is to fill containers with water to use as needed...we have learned from experience you see ....and then that water is turned over to the potted plants and the flower beds to try to avoid another skeeter breeding ground .

Having lived here for 29 years, it is bad when we actually genuinely think a tropical depression of some sort in the Gulf is just the ticket right about now.

Yep..even after Katrina, Rita and Ike..that's how we roll.

And hurricane season starts in aprox. 6 weeks.'s a hot flash...

Carry On.


Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

I've been wishing rain your way, per your feline overlord's request.

Good lord, woman, you've been in a veritable posting frenzy the last few days!