Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Another Shakedown Naturally

Update: We just donated. it's easy peasy and they are up to 122K !


Ok..go to Mr. Linky above and watch your heart melt. Lady Lisa has a scathingly brilliant ( a nod and a wink to a favorite movie.." The Trouble With Angels".) idea for a good cause and naming rights to the CUTEST BABIES ON THE PLANET EVAH !!!! Of course we will be contributing as soon as I post this. If you can, consider it . If it's not possible that's cool too..just look at those FACES ! A completely melted into a puddle of furr babies...sigh.

Ciao ,

Aunty Pol


kleinwort said...

Hugs!!! You're the best Aunty! Dashing out to Bible study... back later!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, and the scathingly brilliant idea(yep, I caught the reference.. heehee!) was shamelessly boosted from other baby critter bloggers... Which is fitting as we have no shame when it comes to fund raising for a good cause - we'll hawk naming rights with the best of them!