Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Staggering Stupidity

Every once and a while I come across something that is so staggeringly stupid that it just flat out amazes me. This one is for you LAW ........since I know how you feel about Texas .

There is a proposed change in the state hunting/permit laws that would allow the use of either laser sightings or guide dogs by the legally ..BLIND.


Not middle aged nearsighted need bifocals...BLIND.


Now , I don't know about the rest of all y'all out there...but the last place I want to be is around a person who has vision challenges and a firearm. Nor am I opposed in principal to the concept of hunting. Rat Bastard first husband and his family went hunting every year and venison was a staple in our diets. They took great pains to make sure that any kill was a clean kill and that is wasn't for S & G as we used to say . And while they bow hunted, the principal was the same.

But they weren't visually challenged. And unlike some hunters I know, they were sober when they hunted.

I just can't get over the stupidity of this dumb ass concept...

I am all for helping those in need , within reason. I give to United Way , support co-workers endless parade of " Buy my kids crap to support their school....whatever." , and so forth . I try to slip some coins in the Salvation Army Bucket .

But giving this sort of assistance to someone who is probably prohibited from even driving ??????

That 's so many kinds of flat out bat shit crazy that even I'm impressed. Where is Molly Ivans when we need her the most ? Hell, I even voted for the Kinkster ....but this is just beyond words.

Kill the Wabbit......kill the Wabbit......


Peace Out


Aunty Pol.


liberal army wife said...

all I can say is... ONLY in Texass

Boschka said...

Actually I read somewhere on the net that Meeenahsoota has a similar law on the books...who'd a thunk it.Hugs


Susan said...

Oh my freakin god. That's just, I dunno.