Wednesday, December 13, 2006


SU and I had to go to Slammin Sammy's tonight after work, we figured that mid week would be less nuts than normal for this time of year and for the most part we were correct . In and out with a minimum of la la.

When we got home SU noticed that he'd gotten a voice mail on the hell phone when we were cruising the aisles. It was from his mother and the message she left just set off the big ass alarm buzzer that operates as my gut radar.

Momma in law recently went through a surgery involving her bladder..a suspension or some such. As many of my fam and friends know, Momma in law had been remission with Non Hodgekins Lymphoma for Lord..I think 10 years now.

The operative word here kids is HAD.

While the doctor was in playing roto rooter, he or she as the case may be found new cancer in what I term her Lady Bits .



Since Momma in law is in the M.D. Anderson data base already , they zapped the biopsy over for the usual scans.

Momma in law has no idea what the prognosis is. I know SU..he is concerned , and not a little scared but it's early days. We don't know if this is the original cancer spreading or a sharecropper.

Chant kids Chant...

Peace Out


Aunty Pol


liberal army wife said...

chanting, ducks, chanting.


Boschka said...

thanks Hon...I'll let you know when we find anything out.

Love ya