Friday, December 15, 2006

Staggeringly Stupid ....Pt. 2

As in most high rises, we have those little captivate screens in the elevators.


T.V. for that brief peried that you are tapped with in the cool clutches of Mr. Otis with no escape pod at hand. I have to admit that it is a rather clever marketing ploy and every once and a while they have some news oddity that makes me go " Barooooo ??????????"

News Blurb:

" A member of the Nevada Legislature has proposed an amendment that would allow teachers to carry guns into the classroom in an effort to curb student violence"

WTF ?????????????

I mean seriously..........WTF ?

This is so staggeringly stupid that ...sorry makes the visual aid bit for hunters down here in Texas sound positively enlightened.

First of all....Jeebus H. Guns do not solve anything with regard to student violence. Kids are going to beat the crap of each other with whatever is at hand or their grimy little fists if need be.
Bring in and brandishing a gun simply tells the little darlings that the teacher...aka the friggan adult has no control over the situation ,much less their class. It also instills the idea that a gun by Gawd is the answer to any and all conflict...

For example:

1. Kid # 1 cuts in front of kid # 2 on line for the slide
Answer : Put a cap in # 1's ass

2. Kid # 1 copies off of # 2's test.
Answer: Put a cap in #1's ass.

3. Teacher needs to get the class to settle down .
Answer: Put a couple of rounds in the classroom's ceiling

Now before all y'all accuse Aunty Pol of blowing this out of proportion , just think about one word.


Yeah, guns at school worked really , really well there didn't they ?

Not to mention insurance for the school and their district will shoot through the roof. Oh sorry..bad pun. Unintended that. And school district taxes......ditto.

Bottom line.

We need to teach kids that fighting solves nothing. Yeah, they are gonna fight but then at a certain age, they begin to realize that beating the crap out of each other only results in their getting suspended and hopefully an irate parent to deal with.

Lil Johnny or Jane can learn alternate methods to solve a conflict....or go to the school where all the special kids are. They already have too many influences in their lives every day that say being " badass" is cool.

Guns ?

I only wish I lived in the voting district that Mr. Smith and Wessen lived in and was elected from. I promise you, I'd be organizing a recall drive that remove him into the 9'th generation of his genetic legacy.

Have a great weekend.

Peace Out..


Aunty Pol


liberal army wife said...

now who was it who said never underestimate the stupidity of the great american public.....

I STILL say New Zealand is a lovely place.....

Boschka said...

Oh love if we could move there...We could be KIwi's

Love Ya