Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Things We Notice

SU and I were talking the other night with regards to how much his father has aged through the ordeal of cancer. Pop is the same age as my late father would have been and has always looked 20 years younger.

Till now.

I have privately thought that their devout faith is the base of their coping skills . You don't manage cancer, it manages you . The treatment if any calls the shots on how you feel, what you think and how you react . It takes no prisoners, offers no negotiations and has the final word in the clearest manner of things . There comes a time when the doctors have to talk to the victim regarding threatment options. My mother in law has had both chemo and radiation therapy and now faces the prospect of determining her options . I didn't know until she told me that the human body has certain tolerence levels with regard to chemo or radiation therapy and that the doctors aren't certain if she can have any more treatments. Through all of this, she's remained positive and calm . Very little seems to ruffle her feathers and I admire that beyond words. I am not sure how many more holiday seasons we will have with her and I am also unsure how Pop will cope later on. They are one unit so to speak. You do not think of one without the other. But he will soldier on as we all must, supporting his wife in this as he has done before. I can only sit by the sidelines and be there for SU as he deals with this as he was for me.

Growing up sucks.

If your parents are still alive , count your blessings. If not, remember them in your prayers . It happens to all of us, to lose a loved one . Our parents went through it, as did theirs . Its the way life is and can't be delayed or denied.

It just is.

Have a good week...you can do it if you try hard enough.


Aunty Pol

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