Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I just read a report that it is sleeting up where we live, oh joy. We are a part of that southern area that is getting the winter blast, and we aren't in an area that has a lot of bad winters. This is Houston people...we live in shorts 10-11 months of the year. SU will be a very unhappy camper as he hates the cold weather and he will kvetch and carry on. I will ignore him as is my norm, and focus on happy thoughts....like the new sofa and chair that is going to be delivered God willing this coming Saturday. He was the one that saw the ad and so off we went..the new sofa is a more modern design in a warm reddish brown microsuede and my chair is in paprika.....think Campbells Tomato soup. The new drapes are up, though we need one more panel and hisself has determined that we do in fact need the valances..LMAO...yup. Hisself decided. I found 2 new lamps that are ordered from the Home decorators outlet linky and I think they are going to be great...I am a happy camper.

Other that, not much is new, Momma in law starts radiation this week so we are hopeful.

Take care..be warm.

Day 15..( cept for a slip or 2 early on ..but it's progress ~ I am happier sober..that's right kids..I haven't had a drink in 15 days. I have even gone so far as to tell the neighbors and some trusted co-workers...not all of the reasons....way too personal but enough to get the love and support they are famous for. I look forward to the dayb that I don't know the number of that day..that it is simply what it is. For those who don't get it..oh well....I no longer care what you may or may not think .)


Aunty Pol.


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Susan said...

Stay warm and be safe!