Friday, January 26, 2007


For as long as I can remember, I have this weird thing that happens when I wake up. I hear a song in my head. Sometimes it's a portent of the way the day is going to go. Sometimes , it's a left over part of a dream, you know the kind. You remember the fact that you dreamed but not a lot of the dream itself . Sometimes it's an emotional response to something going on in my world . Sometimes it's just there.

It can be almost anything . I have to be careful who I tell, like Nee Nee for example . I can mention it to her and then she's got it stuck in her head all day. The gift that keeps on giving.

Todays song is.......

Wait for it......


" Hellraiser " by Ozzy Osbourne.


Old Pol is a die hard Ozzy fan, one of the original Black Sabbath fans. I first heard them on their first U.S. tour in Virginia with an old and first crush, Jim Minerd.

OMG..I haven't thought about Jim Minerd in eons.

And that was 1970 0r 1971.


On the homefront:


The Kitteh's have decided that they also luv the new furniture. Even Boshi, the shy one came out last night while SU was over at the crazy Cajun's to play cards. Moi...happy as a clam watching " Smallville ( Yeah..cameo from the Martian Manhunter...that F'g rocks people !!!) , and then CSI. Gawd Liv Schreiber ( sp) is yummy....sigh.

Focus Pol....focus.

Anyhoo, there is the Baby Girl sitting in the middle of the sofa like it's a throne. Not on the side..not scrunched down like " You don't see me...I'm not here." More like ..."I am ready to be adored, notice my perfection. " I guess they all like the texture of the fabric and it's been almost a week so they have put their paw of approval on it.


They run the house .

And they know it.

The Other Obsession.....My RPG..

I can't believe that we have been playing together for either four or five years now.

Once again it seems that the web host that we are using is being a total butt hole and so we are gonna pack it up and move to yet another host.

I guess for all the noobs/virgins, I had better explain. An RPG is a " Role Playing Game. Right now WOW or World Of Warcraft is an uber popular multi - player game on the 'net. Just as " EverQuest" had dominated the genre a few years ago WOW is the cat's ass right now.

And then there is my lil tribe . " Dune , War Of Assassins " or as we call it " WOA 3.0 " ...hee hee. We started off on the old SciFi channel board, but that blew up..long story..don't ask. Our fearless leader IM'd a few of us die hards about joining a new game..."Oh Hell to the Yeah". The game itself has had various titles over the years, and the same core group of 20 or so people from all over. Two are in Australia. One is in Warsaw. Three of us are in Texas. There are a couple of Canadians, a couple of Brits, a Dane or two.

But, we aren't World of Warcraft. We play a game based on "Dune " by Frank Herbert.

Yeah...we are those people.

I have played as a Major House of the Landsraad. I have run the Bene Gesserit faction. I have been Governor of Arrakis. I am know by one and all as one mean mofo who you do not cross , unless you want to be assassinated or have all your Melange stolen or blown up.

And yet, I know all of these people. Their real life names and phone numbers and where they live. I suspect one chum will be coming over from the UK again this year and will crash at Casa de Swamp . I look forward to the political discussion that Roger and SU have. These are the people who kept me sane when my father died. I was there in turn when Lone' s father passed away. We've shared births, deaths and new pet additions or losses. When we have to move the site we patiently wait or Im each other with barbs, puns and an occasional dirty limmerick . I trust them with my life, have welcomed them into our home and value what they have given me.

But I swear if CT tries to poison me again...mwahahahah.

Fear Me.


Have a Great Weekend.


Aunty Pol

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