Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Glad it's not our house.

We received a card and note from the Aunt and Uncle up in the frozen North with one of those prose laden family memo's that we all know and abhor. It seems that they are moving after 40 years in one house to a smaller abode with less yard and or maintenance.

Forty Years.

Jeebus H. As I recall my aunt is an avid antique maven and is always on the prowl for some gee gaw that she can't pass up. Can you imagine forty years of collecting only to have to pack it all up ? Not to mention the sorting and the " where the hell did this come from ?" Or in their case , " heck." I am glad that they are moving into a more reasonable place and not the assisted living aka hell on Earth situation. It will be odd to have to use another address for them too, after all these years of their having one of the addresses that I have in fact commited to memory. I hope all goes well for them, but I can also imagine their kids, my cousins thinking..." Oh no, please don't let them foist that krep off on us."

It's freezing down here in Tejas, and of course the weather wonks hae made it out to be much worse than it was. Hisself is miserable, and I ama reminding myself that later on this year as I die from the humidity that I loathe ( "It's not the heat, it's the humidity...BITE ME.") . I fail to see why it is so awful to actually put on another layer of clothing, jeezey pete..that's what sweats and socks are for peeps. This will all pass and we will havew our regulated 3 days of sprong before the heat descends. Hopefully this 'cane season will be less than last years..oh please let it be so.

16 days y'all.

Be safe.


Aunty Pol.

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