Monday, October 25, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

I know, I know , the most idiotic photo of Mr. Barrowman of all time...and never fails to make me laugh..out loud even.
I hope everyone had a good weekend..our was a bit ho hum but at this point I am liking ho hum. I had no really big plans except for the usual nail appt and a much needed facial so that my skin would re-learn how to acgt and stop all the bat shit crazy peeling that has been going on..cold weather does that to me..
Anyhoo, we has some massive wind down here so all of the yard is covered in opine needles..Sistah I feel your least your grand pups and kitteh..( belly rubs) don't eat and then puke up the damn things..yeah that happened more than once.
And I did my good deed and puppy sat more or less as Cindy went to Austin and Miss Jeri Lee was in Lousiana...hee hee " Aunty Pol's Pet Service...". They would have done it for us and we let each other know when we are out and about.
Now...if the other box would get here...I bought a decorative metal planter for the Ice House that I need to get hisself to clear coat and some small metal bird cages for votive was done on vacay....
Have a great week ...I'm trying to get back into mah groove.
Aunty Pol

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