Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Almost There Gang ...Amost There !

Yes , if Sgt . Panda Pants had the moxie, this is what I imagine he'd be doing.

Assuming he stayed awake long enough to open Facebook.

I am almost all caught up on some stuff , the operative word being almost.

Funny thing tho , I was boppin around the innertubes when I came across a new bloggy. As is my custom, if I like the blog enough to read more than one post , I add it to favorites which is as of today , the only thing in my life that is larger than the number of shoes that I own,,,,LMAO...sad but true .

If I really like a blog , I peruse their links because more often than not there are things in common that I will find in other blogs...the occasional male idiocy ( no dear..not you , not today at least ) ...cats, food, cooking, science fiction , shopping, gardening, my love for "colorful language" and why on an almost daily basis the idiot meat bags that I have to endure/work with piss my ass know..all the dainty and demure things that make Aunty Pol Aunty Pol.

So there I was reading another authors take on a particular epp of "Bones" , which I found myself agreeing with I popped over to her links area...blah de blah,,scrolling...scrolling...this seems familiar...blah de blah..scrolling.....

Egad !

C'est Moi !

Um..AP honey..when did you change the layout for I'm Fat..Oh really ?..

YOU FAKED MY ASS OUT And that is not easily done Missy !

Good Job Girl !

Still surfing the innertubes.....lah de dah de dah


Aunty Pol

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