Friday, October 29, 2010


Note :
This is not my usual Bruce of the day Friday post and it will be done today, the language I am about to use here is NOT SAFE FOR WORK....NSFW y'all so bear that in mind. This is my personal opinion .
I am pissed off at you Sci Fi Channel !
Listen up motherfuckers..It took quite a while for me to forgive you bailing on " Crusade." But never the less I did because I saw which way the wind was blowing. You also bailed on " Flash Gordon", " Poltergeist : The Legacy" , "Dresden Files" , "Firefly" and scores of other shows that had decent writing and a basic understanding and respect for science fiction and fantasy fans. You didn't even bother with " Legend Of The Seeker" , which was also sadly cancelled , but at least USA had the BALLS to actually listen to the author and Terry Goodkind was clear on how his creation was to be treated. Thank Gaia that Anne and Todd McCaffreys concept for Pern was never executed because your history as a channel has proven that you would have fucked that up to a fairtheewell in a nano second. And haha ..George R. R. Martin was smart enough to sell " Game of Thrones " to HBO....suck on that awhile.
Yes, our demographic has always been a niche one, that is common knowledge. Footprint space in a traditional bookstore or airtime on television has always been directed by the revenue that blockbusters such as " Star Wars" and " Harry Potter" have generated. As fans we know this to be a fact, hell , we are part of what drives this you dumb clueless bastards because we are the ones spending the goddamn money you cretins !
So you're bailing on " Caprica "?
Wow..surprise me not a bit.
This does not bode well for anyone with any interest in the proposed bridge movies between Caprica and BSG.
I have never ever understood what the fuck ECW has to do with your channels format except for the obvious demographic that you think solely comprises your viewership...18-24 year old males. I know people that watch that programing and that is fine..the more the merrier...on another channel...but SciFi ?
Really ?
I have news for you asshats.
Your in house movies SUCK so bad that Best Brains in Hopkins..remember them ?
They wouldn't review your in studio movies they are that bad !
Women make up a large part of the fan base of Science Fiction.
Intelligent people of both genders and a variety of ages are science fiction fans. Science Fiction and Fantasy fans are in all walks of life, all economic levels , all races and all countries....
A very disgusted and saddened,
Duchess Moritani

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