Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Self Explanitory

I haven't had to do it in 29 years.
Thinking about it makes me cringe .
Since SU's work has changed ownership, there have been some changes, this is par for the course and no cause for alarm , trust me, he and I can find panic mode easily enough by ourselves thankyouverymuch.
Yes, CE , damn near as bad as the twits at the GAP.
You see, the Grand High Poobah ( SU's boss and he's a nice guy - really !) is something of a pack rat.
I'm writing this with a straight face yah know.
GHP had a habit of over-ordering items more often than not. His theory was " Why order a mere 5 of something , when I can order 500 of them and thus ensure that I never, ever run out.. ?"
The fact that they never used more than 1 or 2 of the item didn't matter.
By Gawd , they were set !
La De Dah De Dah......
There was never a systematic way of getting a widgit that you needed to complete a simply went to the appropriate widgit locker and grabbed one.
Take the last one ? worries .
The widgit fairy would wave his magic wand over the Granger Parts book and SHAZAAAM !
Your wish is have said may now finish your job at hand and ride your trusty unicorn down the HOV lane towards your castle where the beer is both plentiful and cold ...and where your lovely bride is pleasant and cheerful all the time , you lucky bastard.
Need to keep track of anything ?
Oh dear have magic...keeping track is for the mundane .
You have been blessed by the Gods themselves and to show have a magical phrase that is written upon your brow in secret Elven Ink.
Want to know the secret ?
Really ?
But don't tell anyone else...the translation reads ..wait for it....wait....wait...
"Not My Job".
Yes indeed.
Here at local 39 of the NMJ ( Not My Job - Patent Pending)..we don't have to do jack shit.
New owner says there will be a mandatory inventory/audit and your company must comply.
All together now :
Some poor hapless bastard who actually cares about the quality of his work and his job will do it.
He always does his bit.
Helpful to others, he is more often than not trying to assist or teach the easier or proper way to finish a task.
He is competent, resourceful, dependable and for the most past slow to anger.
He is SU.
I know who is the more active member of NMJ and the grief that SU has to bear this week as he does his part of the inventory while assisting in his other duties....and while he cannot control the more dedicated of the NMJ ( Smitty, Rat and a few others)...hopefully the PTB's will finally see that there are those who come into SU ..and the others that stand around all day playing with themselves or what ever the hell it is they do between clocking in, lunch and clocking out.
As for me...I doubt they will notice, and if they do, I further doubt that the PTB's will do anything about it.
Gonna be a long week.
Aunty Pol

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