Friday, November 05, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Fear Not Sweeties !
No...Aunty Pol did not fall of the face of the Earth, nor have I been abducted by white slavers ( oh do not get all offended by that's an old term and not meant to be offensive in any way..LMAO...if that offends any reader here..STFU..all y'all are reading the WRONG BLOG as it is...carry on )...won the lottery or anything else even remotely interesting.
That's just the problem.
Ever have one of those weeks that make gray look positively freaky and exciting ...where blah would be an improvement and so on?
I've had a whole heaping week of NADA.
SU is fine, they passed the audit/inventory and all is as well as it can be at his job is the same..nothing new...not even any good gossip.....Sistah and Double Oh Mullet are fine...both Godsons and their families are fine...Dah Kitteh's are fine..the puppy cousins are fine..The NG's are fine...Lola is fine....
I know.
I know how I sound..and I am grateful that all is well...but Jeebus H...I am mentally watching paint dry..or golf..( Sorry is what it is) ...and it took me a while to realize that this sea of calm is so not our usual life that it kinds freaked me out. It's like watching a horror film and telling the blonde bimbo with the rack " Don't open that door you halfwit..", you know the old red shirt syndrome where you think that your comment is going to change the outcome....
And I'm gonna lose 20 lbs sooner than later..
Heh...yeah....what evs.
These periods of grace are a rarity so I will for once allow myself to actually enjoy them, because we all know damn good and well, some how , some where the scatology will hit the oscillating rotor.
Have a great weekend...raise some hell for your old Aunty Pol..
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Can I have some nada, please? Pretty please? Pleeeeeeeese!!!!

Enjoy honey. I'll be calm, vicariously, through you.

Just came home from work an hour ago (yes, at this hour on a Sat.) and yelled at the kittehs. Went upstairs to crawl in bed and Winnie had peed all over the bedroom floor. Again. I thought we were past that, but clearly not. And my inner crank exploded. All kinds of wrong. *sigh* :-(

So now I need to spend time reassuring everyone I love them and that mom being a first class jerk was not their fault. Figured I'd pop on and visit in between sessions of "It's OK baby, I love you." (Everyone, of course, had to snoopervise the clean up operation and get in my way, so I wound up growling a just about everyone.) I'm just wound tighter than a drum. Fortunately cats seem to forgive us our foibles.

Thanks for listening hon. I haven't been this much of a horse's patoot in a while. uhh ohh... now they're hissy with each other on account of me gettin' them all upset... lemme go make it better.