Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Retail Therapy For The Win !

It takes very little to cheer my own bad self up after a somewhat sleep deprived night or two ( no honey, it really isn't your fault...I know you feel like crap to the point you didn't fuss about going to the doc in the box..settle down ) .
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a die hard fan girl of Miss Ree's so of course I got any number of e mails from fellow fan girls with the announcement of the release date of ner new book.
And of course, Moi being Moi, I pre-ordered three copies.
No Sistah...do not argue with me.
I ordered a copy for both of us and of course one for your mother since she is a bit of a city girl her own badself.
Now, if Miss Ree would just do up a new cook book.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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