Friday, November 19, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday y'all.
I'll write more when I get home...time to boogie !
Ok..home now, children are fed, SU is at the ICE HOUSE and I have had a chance to watch Smallville. Nothing..and I mean nothing gets between me and Smallville, I have suffered through all 9 seasons ( Zombies ? Really ? You are going with that ? GAH !) ..anyhoo..spoiler alert...Slade ain'd dead and it is either a complete cop out ( um..right now - my vote ) or a shout out to BSG with the eye patch that they have in the preview for Slade/Saul.
Just sayin is all.
I don't know about all y'all but for all intents and purposes the Holiday Season is well..upon us...and I am noticing mare than a tad o-ripple in the FORCE Padwans.
I knew that this year was going to be different. There is no escaping that since my mother in law passed. And both SU and I are in full agreement that it was as much of a blessing as these things can ever be. But more than that, have you noticed that people for the most part aren't just BAT SHIT CRAZY about the whole T day dinner bit ? Perhaps we are all weary of the never ending shows /tips/articles on how we mere mortals can achieve the Nirvana that is all Giada/Paula/Ina / Julia and finally realizing that the stores are going to be insane and that no one will die if the dinner isn't picture perfect. Perhaps peoples expectations are more realistic and that truffle oil isn't in the budget, that spending a small countries annual output isn't going to happen, that it's okay to serve less wine, ask for help/side dishes/desserts to be brought by guests or family. Perhaps I am overly optimistic about the whole thing but a certain reduction in the frenzy is a welcome change.
In all fairness , I have all of the food bought and or planned already. We are only having one guest at the house here . I have referred previously to our neighbor Kay..remember her.."Crazy Neighbor " ? Well, soon after Mother died, she lost her husband of 60 years. He had been ill for a very long time and it was not unexpected , but there is no way on God's Green Earth that I am going to let her sit alone on matter how nuts she is....and she is me. I extended the invitation and it's always a matter of choice..but I know her and I know she would accept.
I am taking the day off before because I REALLY need to clean the Casa and I can do more of course I am here , writing this and not getting a head start....LMAO.
Have a great weekend...I am sure there will be more to post this weekend.
Gobble Freakin Gobble.
Aunty Pol

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