Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Memo To The Mama

To: The Mama
From: Your Children
Andy: Why ? How Could you allow this to happen to us ?
Gracie : Yeah
Andy : Shut Up Gracie..I is meowing here.
Gracie : Pffft
Andy: Anyway...you let us run out of...
Andy: Ok Boshi, calm down. Mama..YOU let the treat locker runs out of treats ! We is starvin Marvin and are gonna die soon, like eleventy eight sleeps from now if you don't FIX IT .
Loki : Squirrel
Andy : Sigh....older brothers, sheesh.
Yes....We ran completely out of treats last night..they had the wet canned food and kibble but that wasn't good enough.
Mama and Daddy will schlep to Krogers for you babies....promise...I even remembered the Temptations Coupon.
Stuck In The Time Out Chair This Week
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Bad Mama! Bad Daddy!! Ok, fess up time. Not only have I let the treat locker run out, but I let the wet food run out, too. The horror! A whole half a day with nothing but dry! I was extremely popular, however, when I showed up with the goods that evening.

Bad news, Winnie went off her chow yesterday. Seems the only thing she will eat now is real tuna smoothie. I tried kitteh food smoothies but she won't even touch them. She's clearly anxious to eat so what's going on??? I'm going to the store tonight and pick up baby food and see if that turns the trick.

Got the new flatware in. It looks exactly the same, but it's lighter. *sigh* The first batch I ordered, to match the 4 place settings I have, is much nicer (heavier, but shiny, rather than a brushed finish). This batch looks just right but it is clearly cheaper when you hold it. I'm guessing they don't make the "just right" middle quality that I have any more.

Well, for 80 bucks for 12 place settings... see, it was too good to be true... I'm going to keep this (and just make sure I don't try to dish up ice cream with it and bend it all out of shape).

I don't have crowds often and they'll just have to deal with it. I can't see spending $350+ shipping on a 12 place setting that I don't love - the shiny is just wrong, otherwise, it's very nice stuff.

Why, oh why, couldn't I find my Goldilocks set? ;-)

Man, oh, man! I just went back to proofread this - what a whiner!! Of all the things to get fixated on... LOL! My guess is it's displaced concern. I don't want to fixate on Win, or I'll get depressed. This is safe whining. :-)