Monday, November 15, 2010

Hmmmm For The Holidays !

A gal pal posted something the other day that has set the ol wheels ( yes dear, the Hamster is in the cage ) turning and made me think.
The holidays will soon be here...especially Thanksgiving, I know .." Well Duh " .
My gal pal and I commiserated on the prospect of the annual white meat throw down and the stress that the whole production can induce .
The first thing that struck me is the irony of a meal featuring a dish that is guaranteed ..yes siree Bob ...proven to induce a coma like state....and yet....I've seen calmer prospects of taking an SAT.
Why ?
We all drank the Koolaide as far as I am concerned.
We all have this fantasy that the whole process will be pain free and organized.
The victim ( Turkey) will be a beautiful , moist , plump golden brown. The stuffing , whether in or outside of the said victim will be flavorful with fresh herbs , fluffy and perfectly done. The sides will be veggies of course , but selections will be those that every one loves , and your perfect children will eagerly eat their portion thus denying your poor canine the bounty that might just be passed under the table, out of anyones line of view. The gravy in it's glossy radiance will put the finest silk to shame, with no hint whatsoever of a lump to be had. The rolls ( yeast of course ) will rise like the good little soldiers that they know they are and the perfume of them baking will waft into every corner of your blessed domain with the sweet flaky promise you know and love. Your awestruck guests will gasp in delight at the dessert selection you have so effortlessly provided , pies , cakes and possibly a torte temp their senses as their eyes drink in the inspired decorations that you have created or piped by hand . The wines that you have selected will be of course the perfect selection to compliment both the various courses and every ones discerning palate.
Let us not overlook the tableau that you have created for every ones dining . Your dinnerware , china or not gleams on the table, surrounded by sparkling crystal and utensils. Centerpiecesbright and elegant, just the right color and size to enhance the dining experience. Your table linens, charger plates and place cards create the picture perfect moment to gather all around your bounty to give thanks for this simple holiday repast that will create memories that will go down in your family history as the happiest of times when kith and kin come together to enjoy the day and the fellowship of your meager yet heartfelt offering.
Right .
It all sounds wonderful doesn't it ?
But we have forgotten a few things.
Yes, we all have fond memories of family holiday dinners, either in our own homes or in the homes of the family that we travel once or twice a year to see.
We didn't do the work, did we ?
My baby boomer generation rarely had mothers that worked outside of the home. Thus, our mothers had the time to prep and cook all of that . They had the time to keep up with the house so that the cleaning before a holiday did not include an extra 3 tons of work. They didn't have t/v or the net showing them pictures of chefs and their recommended recipes for dining Nirvana. Thanksgiving was simply a variation on any given Sundays roast chicken dinner, the desserts were fancier and really the only difference was the victim and the fact that the china was the kids. If you liked to cook as my mother did , you might when able ( sober) try a new recipe, but not for a traditional holiday dinner.
I do not know of a single woman who is having a holiday meal at home that is not stressed to infinity right now.
Why do we do this to ourselves ?
Where is it written that it is all going to look JUST LIKE INA OR GIADA OR JULIA cooked it ? The simple fact is that for a magazine, they may go through a dozen or more birds in order to get that perfect photo....same for a t.v. show.
In my house, we are more of the " If the damn bird is done...plate up you heathens."
Just kidding.....sorta.
You know what I mean.
Yes....I have been known to go BAT SHIT CRAZY over a dinner party...the annual one that we throw comes to mind. And I did stress a bit when I was unsure of dah brudder would be joining us as promised.." Does he like this..hate that ...will I get Brusselsprout face if I serve that ?"
I have learned.
I will take the day before off..and clean the house like I do..only a bit better. The floor will be swept but not mopped..why do it twice ? Carpets will be cleaned needed and when I have time. Everything will be a reasonable space of time..if not...not.
I doubt it will be more than SU and I at this point which is a nice change....
We get so little time off from our jobs.....enjoy the holiday. It's your holiday too....ease up on yourselves...we are all talented, kind, generous women and isn't it time we remember that ? Treat yourself like a guest too....have that glass of earned it darlin !
Besides..there is always turkey sammiches afterwards....
Gobble Freakin Gobble
Aunty Pol

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