Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Memo To My Children

To : My Adorable Children
From: Your Momma.
I have to tell you all ..I am sorry but this house is in fact run life the military as your father explains it...guilt for one means guilt for all.
Momma spent all day Sunday cleaning the Casa.
I did stop long enough to give you treats and lunchies by the way.
Regardless..to the furson who decided to " Poop the Rug" in their bathroom..
I will concede that I neglected to clean the boxes that afternoon..but really ?
This was your answer ?
I appreciate the fact that it doesn't happen as often as it did and I do understand that it might have been something of an emergency but dammit..the boxes ( two of them) were less than 2 paws away...and the ruggy was clean !
Go back to sleep, Daddy and I will be home in a few hours.
We still love you all.
Your Momma.
P.S . The bankie on my chair is okay..I understand that ya gotta urp when ya gotta urp.

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