Monday, November 29, 2010

Send Prayers To Lady Lisa Over At The 'Stute

It just broke my heart to read that Lady Lisa had to help Winnie to the Rainbow Bridge . It was too damn soon, it really was.
Winnie had some similar health issues as Xena and Lady Lisa and I helped each other as needed when it got to be a hassle and the poo/pee wa just another " Damn'd mess we had to deal with." Just this morning , I had to grab the paper towels because Xena had another accident on the plastic..but with SU home really was the last thing I was concerned with .
I would have posted a bit and Lady Lisa would have replied with a hug and a laugh and we'd get through it all over again....
Losing one of our babies is just one of those things that you think will just be the end of it all, and I dread it every time...we all do..I dread losing any of them.,yes even Gracie...I have become so close to the six of them as has SU ..
And I know that Lady Lisa will be there to let me know that as much as it was time when we go through the hell of losing one of our babies,. I just wish I was actually there to give her a hug and a kleenix and a glass of wine .
It never gets easier, and maybe it's supposed to be that way..I'm not sure ..but we love them so much, we manage to struggle through one way or another .
I love you honey , and we are soo sorry about Winnie. She will be up there with Sarge, TJ, Casey, Bubba, Peaches, Keesha , Jake , Missy and Oogie...I have ordered Tuna steaks and Niptini's for them all.

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Love you, too, Aunty. I was in puddles reading this. So, I went downstairs, poured a glass of red, and feel you by my side as I say, I'm honored to call you friend.

I suppose, if it got easier, I'd worry that I hadn't loved enough. And if we didn't hurt, I don't think we could fully know the joy and comfort of bonding with these unique and special creatures with whom we've been blessed to share our lives.

Gather your babies and Gordy close and let them tell you you're an amazing woman.

Love, Lisa