Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And Now For The Merely Obvious

I for one am amazed at the stupidity of some of the social network's...so sayeeth the woman who spends far too much time on Farmville, Frontierville, Mafia and Vampire Wars , not to mention Bejeweled Blitz.
Stop laughing , you're going to spew your beverage as you fall over.
Yes..I saw that spit take.
Let me start by saying that I know that privacy is an illusion.
I am careful or try to be about who I let know about this blog..my personal blog.
I try.
That being said, if the person that has ticked me off is actually reading this and they are for the record , neither current co-workers or friends..and they think it may apply to them, it most likely does.
Whether it is Myspace, Parkingspace, Google, Goggle, Facebook , Cookbook or Librarybook , looking up data or phising is WTF easy..it takes very little in the way of an actual skill set and it more often than not a case of sheer dumb ass luck .
Look up whomever you want..I don't give a rats ass.
More often than not there is some sort of linkage that ties a group of names together..hobbies, places of employment..you get the idea.
Search " I Lite My Farts " , I can almost guarendamntee you that they are there.
I shudder to envision their collective profile photo's by the way.
When you send me an e mail , giving and then assuming a pithy reply , to the status of someone I work with , regarding their personal life in any fashion, regardless of their relative status to me in the Firms Food Chain..to my work friggan PC
First of all, I don't give a FLYING FUCK.
I do not, and will not gossip about my personal friends that way..especially in this format...and for the rest of the people that I have to engage during the week..illness of self or child is one thing..Hot Dish is on the way honey...SU and I will do whatever is needed.
Marital status...legal proceedings...umm....no.
Not My Bidness.
If you need a shoulder to vent, lean on or cry too,,,yeah...I can do that.
I am self editing.
Out of self respect for us both , I delete the details once you are fine..it's not something I want to hang on to or carry home.
My mind , like my oven is self cleaning.
But don't think for a minute that I didn't grasp a phishing expedition.
Nuh Uh.
Don't go there again, even if you meant it in a " harmless , chummy " way , because I can promise you ..that if you are going to think that I am dumb enough to fall for that...I am going to certainly re-evaluate what your demonstrated opinion of me is...and ..
It is not promising for you .
Carry On .
Aunty Pol

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