Monday, December 06, 2010

Happy Monday - Sorta

I am tired of being sick..and tired. I have slept so much in the last 4 days that it's beyond insane and of course I am in the small but elite section of the population that will have a fairly graphic and adverse reaction to the most generally prescribed anti biotics..Z Pack even.
Do not ask...
I am now toughing this shit out in more ways than one come to think of it and at least SU is feeling better...and as luck would have it the office Christmas party is this coming Thursday . I told SU that unless we are both able to walk on water so to speak,,,bag the par tay which is regrettable since the PTB's have some pretty nifty door prizes that they draw for and I want to it is going to be at the Rice hotel again and that is one of the prettiest restorations that I have seen in the city over the last 29 years..yes , I have been down here that long.
Miss Jere Lee is getting better, for all my whining, I cannot fathom how awful it would be to get sick on a cruise as she did and thank you Jeebus Miss Cindy seems to be avoiding all of this..or of us needs to stay well between the two houses.
I want my jammies !
Aunty Pol

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