Monday, December 20, 2010


Yep..we went to see it yesterday.
I liked it but in some ways was disappointed by it.
Unrealistic expectations....possibly.
Spoiler alert..
In the original , the characters of Alan and Flynn were such that you actually cared about them.
Yes, we all hated David Warners characters Sark/Ed Dillinger and the MCP. We all loved Kevin Flynn /CLU, Alan Brady/Tron and Dr. Lora Baines/Yori...we made a connection to these characters quite possibly because the movie itself was and is groundbreaking for it's time .
The late great Bernard Hughes was brilliantly cast as Dr. Walter Gibbs Dumont and as the moral center of the film, and for all of us that are B5 geeks, as I have mentioned before Peter Jarasik was Crom, the first character to be de-res'd.
Like " War Games" , the real fear back then was the looming possibility that warfare would be ultimately be controlled by machine and not man. As idiotic as this seems now, to take the human out of the equation was an unspeakable nightmare that is to some the true definition of Armageddon.
Yes..these characters and this story made a lot of us care, plus it was some cool shit for 1982.
Yet in Tron Legacy, to me at least, that connection was missing . Yes . the special effects were bigger and badder..tho there was not as much of the 3 d effect as I would like to have seen..I am a greedy guts after all .
Bridges seemed to be doing more Lebowski than anything else...and I can see you shaking your heads as you read that last bit.." This is a problem Aunty Pol because why ?"...BECAUSE you have to think that Kevin Flynn cares that he has been missing out on the majority of his son Sam's life as he ( Flynn) is trapped on the grid.
His Son.
Not Encom, his son.
Um...not so much.
And Sam ? Now after you get over the joy ( lacking ) of a I had been separated from my only parent, I can guarendamntee you that there would also be more than a little bit of " WTF ,, you didn't even TRY to get out of here..home to me ?"
Yes..the good guys have the blue stripes, the baddies red...and I wasn't as bothered by the CGI de-aging of Bridges as others have been...but as a danger..CLU was less threatening than your average bill collector...his Army wants to go through the portal ?
I know 12 year olds that will frag their ass in a heartbeat.
As a co worker and I concluded...Tron has been Jar Jar'd.
I could weep.
At least " Green Lantern , Thor, Green Hornet and Captain America " look decent,.
Carry On.
Aunty Pol

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Count Thalim said...

OK, that has defintly decided which film to see on Boxing day.
We were torn between Tron and Voyage of the Dawn Treader (VDT).
VDT it is.