Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well , I Feel Mo Bedder

Yes..I feel mo bedder after the last rant.
Nuff said.
I am looking forward to the weekend, not because of the New Year per se, hell, at our age , if we are both up at not happening. Sistah says that Pyro and his lovely bride will most likely be at their place which makes me feel a lot better since they are under blizzard conditions it seems in the Paloose and it is NOT going to change in 2 days time . I remember all tooo well that 7 miles of road between Moscow and Pullman in the ice...shudder. Good boy Pyro !
I am hoping that the girls will be over for dinner...LOL..yes Lisa...I am doing the Cajun pork loin and the Spanish rice. Miss Jere Lee gave me a jar of cranberry-orange honey butter that she bought at HEB and I am thinking that it would be muey perfecto on a simple butter pound cake..yeah..the baking bug lives. I made a chocolate Bundt cake for Christmas and used the mini toll house chips which turned out great....yes...dusting the chips with cocoa powder before folding them into the batter gives them something to adhere to in the batter so they don't all fall to the bottom and screw up the Aunty Pol here....I've got the Gingerbread recipe to try out for the castle and the project is underway.
The project you ask ?
Yes Indeedy.
The local newspaper on Wednesdays has a food section that we both read. More often than not,we spot something save worthy so we fold it and put it on the kitchen /pantry bookshelf.
And they stack up....and up...and up....squirrel !
SU and I have 2 different approaches to how we archive actual recipes. He prefers to throw them on the PC . Great..except I cannot or more accurately have not taken the time to understand how they are organized..just an observation dear..that's all.
If I find a recipe on a site like PW or FoodNetwork, I archive them in my personal recipe box. IF I need one..I print it. More often than not I run across a recipe in some other format so I need to print it out. Luckily for me, more often than not they work out and I make notes for future use and or changes.
This all went into a standard file..fine and dandy until I realized that the file was becoming the size of a volume of the US Tax Code ....and I had actually lost a recipe we loved.
So..recently, I began the great sortage of dah easy task I might add. was a day off..and I had the 3 hole punch and a new la la la la.
It resembled a closing in a conference room...I was so proud of my organization.
And so I turned away to get a cuppa turbo.
And there was my son....
On the table.
On the stacks.
Helping his Mommy.
Wheeeeee !
I hate to say it but it was sooo damn cute..I couldn't really get mad.
SO I picked it all up , vowing to do it again when he was out side.
And then SU and I went out to Carrabbas's for our anniversary.
Who can be mad at Mussels in white wine sauce, Calamari and a nice bottle of Chianti ?
Not I says Andy's Mommy.
Have a great week .
Aunty Pol

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