Monday, December 20, 2010

I Can Hear The Angels Singing Naow !

My grandparents were a very traditional, old county couple. Grandpa was as very educated Lutheran ( lutrin..oh ja sure you betcha ) minister and my grandmother came from a very well connected, monied family..but you would never know it...Elizabet was not one to put on airs. They lived for over 40 years in Winthrop, Minnesota ( MEEEENNNAAASOOOOOOTA) , pop . 764, not including the cows. Their marriage was a solid, traditional one, yet I was amazed that when my grandmother was becoming frailer and frailer from cancer, the man who was unable to get out of the Barcalounger to see if the coffee was done boiling and pour himself a cup....well...whaddaya know...Grandpa taught himself to cook. Lord that man could carry on about the Amana microwave.
And could he make Krumkake !
The Moosemeat was a given..okay....let me 'splain that. My uncles and Grandpa would go up to Canada every year to hunt..moose...deer...elk...not for sport per say..for food. My uncles could afford to do what ever they wanted but it was a tradition that they go " Hunting with Dad". My Grandpa made a dry summer sausage that we always called Moosemeat..hey we called Uncle Dicks huge ass Thunderbird car the " Birdie Bus" it made sense...we were also maybe under the age of 5 when we came up with this....anyhoo....Moosemeat was a prized delicacy in our family.
Same for the Krumkake.
One year Grandpa gave SU and I the bottom picture..a traditional Krumkake iron.
The problem is that we have a ceramic cook top...can't use it.
I have been thinking about this lately since I came across my rosette irons. My Grandmother taught me how to bake and I have vivid memories of her in the parsonage making rosettes...which reminds me of the Krumkake...and how dearly I miss them both.
So what do I find in my meanderings on the interwebs ?
Holy mother of electric Krumkake Iron.
I want one.
And yes...I am going to post the recipe in the next post for Krumkake.
Feliz Navidad.
Aunty Pol

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