Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Downtown Abbey

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Check out the information on the new " Downtown Abbey" .
Huzzah !
According to sources, Jean Marsh, she of the beloved " Upstairs Downstairs" has taken exception to what she claims is a pretty flat footed rip off of her creation.
Jean dearest...Get over it.
As more than one person has said.." You only have so many formats possible to use when you are depicting the difference between the classes.
I don't recall Ms Marsh screaming rip off at Merchant Ivory when they created such films as " Remains Of The Day" or " Howard's End".
If she was of a mindset to revisit her beloved series, don't you think she and BBC or PBS would have done so by now ?
It's not as if there is a flood of this type of quality programing to choose from as it is today.
Carry On,
Aunty Pol

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