Monday, December 20, 2010


Ok..I am going to make it easy on everyone.

Go to :

Look at the blog entry for December 16, 2010.

I am a HUGE fan of the author and Nicole has a step by step illustrated guide on how to make rosettes...go there...go there now.

I haven't made them for years..but it's like making 7 layer bars...I've made them for so long that I just know how to do it...some folks are less enthusiastic when it comes to frying which is fine...'

Nicole makes it fun to learn. Her blog is beautiful and like Miss Ree's Tasty Kitchen, it is one I read every day and follow.

Rosette irons are easy to find specially during the's one of those weird gifts that people either have because it is a family/traditional Scandinavian baked good or they have been given a fondue pot.

Try's fun and they are to die for.


Aunty Pol

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