Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Wishes For 2010.

Happy Holidays From Casa de Swamp !
SU, Munchkin, Loki, Xena, Boschka, Andy , Gracie Marie and I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.
For Sistah, Double Oh Mullet and Pyro, I wish safety in all of the snow, no loss of power, no accidents and love for not only the new year but for all time.
For Jere Lee and Miss Cindy, I wish a better year in 2011, less stress and the possibility that we might have more than a rare occasion to hit Pappa's for that hot spinach and lump crab meat dip. They are the best neighbors that anyone could ask for and I love them more than my shoes.
For the Crazy Cajun and dah Missus, I wish for an easing into the world of being in laws and hope that it will all sort itself out. Failing that , SU and I are always available as shoulders to vent upon with ample vino for all.
To Nee Nee, Space Ghost and their Kittehs , I wish less hairballs and more of the happy happy joy joy...squirrel.
To our friends who were there to support us and specifically SU this past year in the loss of his beloved mother, we love you and appreciate you more than you know. We will all get thru this and when it happens in your lives as we all know at our ages that it will, be assured that SU and I will be there . If I have time, I promise hot dish for everyone.
To my in laws I wish peace and contentment as we go forward in this new way in our lives.
To my family , I wish health and safety...that's all anyone needs...Squirrel.
To Roger , Rae, Miranda Jane and their Kittehs, I wish happiness , love and the knowledge that out there in the universe lurks the dreaded Space Cow...I kid ...I kid...
To Calamity Anne, I wish success in her new venture and joy in her life with the Big Boober and her family..Feliz Navidad Babe.
To PG, I wish a better job and less Ass hats like CL...and the decent tips that this gal deserves every damn shift...
To Miss Lisa and the gang at the Stute, Miss Laurie and Miss Charlene at IBKC, and all the other bloggers that dedicate themselves to finding forever homes for those in need, I wish love and joy because that is what you give to others.
To Miss Ree , I wish another best seller and the time to write another cookbook that I can buy for Sistah and her Momma.
To all the bloggers I read daily, you make it possible to get through bad days and you are my sanity or whats left of it.
Peace Out Y'all.
Aunty Pol

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