Friday, December 31, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~Happy New Year !

Well , Great Caesar's Ghost...we blew through another year , didn't we ?
It's been a very, very very ..and just in ...very long day here Dah Firm. Unlike everyone else....we are open today, regular hours even. Even the PTB's that made this choice realized by mid morning that so much. It gets this weird when the end of the yer falls on a friday because everyone in acct'g amongst others is just Bat Shit Crazy ... Super Sized even get the friggan money in's a thought for your consideration Oh Wise Ones :
" Let's not wait until the end of the year to get in gear with the clients..over 90 days ( deadbeats) or not to get the friggan invoices paid..or do you really want to write that much off thus completely killing the idea that Pol here is even going to get a 1 % raise ? "
Really..give it some thought ..we'll talk later.
Miss Jere Lee has another jobbie offer in writing no less that will be a better fit so get those prayer wheels out kids. It's a long...long story and so on. Hee Hee, she texted me wondering if hisself and I were going to be at the Casa around 3:45'ish is at work..go ahead and borrow the cd's you want to and please see if you van get Andy to step out to potty...KTHXBAI..
I hope that everyone has a wonderful ..SAFE New Years...remember...for most people New years Eve is really amateur hour..we pro's stay at home ...and DUI's are costly.
If you happen to get HBO..the Divine One has a new show on tonight..I think it is either 8 or 9 pm....Central Time.
Be Cool.
Aunty Pol

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