Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'll Take Perspective for Two Hundred Alex

I'm trying to keep a sane perspective as best I can...I really am. I have made friends with the headache that I have gifted myself with by either clenching my jaw with enough force to crack a walnut sans dentures no less ....or by the simple yet soothing continual grinding of same said dentures.
It's not that I hate the holidays as much as the combination of holidays and end of the year sheenanigans..err....collections from all of our fine upstanding clients.
Certain clients have ramped up their neediness by becoming even more creative in their bald face lies that I am forced to hear on a daily basis.
Your attorney and his or her paralegal/assistant/Della Street did not return any of the eleventy billion voice mails that you , poor thing have left until you are weak with exhaustion and overcome with the fear that ICE or someone else will come knocking on your door ? And yet yelling, screaming and generally being a completely hatted one to me, the poor, unskilled ignorant female receptionist that you are forced to deal with.. seems to restore your spirits and renews your faith in all mankind ?
Oh Goody !
Oh potential new fellow citizen of these hallowed United States Of America...I do long for the day that you get your green card/legal status/oath of citizenship so that I may accord your the full and equal disdain that I carry for other fellow citizens of this fair an equal and fully democratic fashion mind you.
Just wait...your day will come.
I am trying to simply let it all go...perspective being what it is.
You see, Jere Lee had some awful news to share with us last night.
Before she moved in next door, as is her custom, she befriended a family that lived near her. To call them hillbilly would have raised their status...these poor dears were a true example of destitute . You've all heard the phrase.." So poor they didn't have a pot to piss in ?" These folks didn't even have a window to empty the above mentioned pot. Their eldest son was the first in the family to actually graduate high school this past June. Jere and I made sure that he had a decent shirt pants and shoes for this occasion and at least he is working. The next to youngest child has some heart issues that are the kind that require many open heart procedures and the youngest is maybe 5 .
Monday night their mother came home to find Ronnie the father dead on the kitchen floor at the age of 36.
No, it was not a suicide.
Ronnie had some genuine health issues, a touch of hypochondria and as nodding acquaintance with beer and or pills. He will have to be autopsied and so Jere and I are wracking our brains trying to come up with a plan..any plan to help these folks at least raise the money so that he can be cremated.
Poor Patience, the youngest , she was " Daddy's Girl" and I can relate. My own father was in the hospital this time of year and January 9, 2011 marks the 7'th year that he has been gone. To lose a parent is nightmare do so during the holidays makes it gut wrenching.
Please be kind to those you love this holiday does make a difference.
Feliz Navidad.
Aunty Pol

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