Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Gonna be one of those weeks......
At least my NG ..Lordy bless her , saw the other urpage..the one not of the carpet variety on the blanket that covers my chair for jst that reason..anyhoo, ( run on sentence much ?) and washed it with some of her stuff while she used our computer....I LUBS her.
I have some recipes to throw in a post..don't shoot me Miss Lisa.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Never, honey. I like being tortured by you. Two of my bestest sharing recopies have come through you, so bring it on, sweetie.

Hugs for all the urps and poos. On the theory that misery loves company... it's the pees that get me down. Two days ago, not a paw away from a perfectly clean, dry towel pan (Win's preference over litter pan), I find a flood of pee.

Whhhhhyyyyyy? The oak floor in my bedroom is officially ruined. *sigh* But I love her. She's old. She's sick. I keep telling myself, "Self, you signed up for this when she was 8 weeks old." You knew there'd be a chance it would come to this when you said, "OK, I'll take her." We'll survive it. Grumble, but survive it.