Sunday, November 28, 2010

Still Alive At The Casa !

No darlins, Aunty didn't fall off the face of the planet..not yet anyway.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving..SU and I stayed home this year which was nice for us since it gave us the opportunity to invite a guest and therefore do a small kindness...and then of course there was also the puppy/bird not as a hybrid from the Island of Dr. Moreau...the girls are /were away and so theree ya I was going to say No ?
Have we met ?
Not a lot is going on , I did have the chance to do some stuff around the joint that rarely gets done but did not go over the all of the silver got polished..only the bits I needed to use for the dinner..I'm the first one to admit to being a lazy shit so there ya go.
And of course it turned colder and SU has his semi annual head cold thingy going on...yeah team...I's expected more often than not this time of year as we are both run pretty ragged by now.
Love and hugs to Sistah, Double Oh, Lady Lisa and her babies ( how is Winnie ?)...Miss Calamity Anne and the Boober...Miss Laurie, The Meezers and their Momma..and all of my gal pals and the furry folk.
Have a great week, be safe and warm .

Aunty Pol

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