Monday, March 09, 2009

Cautiously Hopeful

Allrighty then people..The above just made me laugh ..I know I know.
I take what I can get .
It was an interesting weekend .
First , let it be said that I am very proud of SU doing what needed to be done even tho it was one of those things ..well....he'd prefer to deal with the IRS or have a prostrate exam.
Yeah..I kid you not.
I will spare you the details , since they are his and not mine...he owns them, I do not. That being said, the answer he got was not as hoped for but it was still an answer.
I have to be honest, I've lost a bit of sleep is my nature to simply is . I try to keep perspective, and weigh our options and yet the cold sweat panic is never far away.
We did however get some news of a potential life line. I have recently paid off yet another bill and if things work out...I don't want to fuck the Karma so I won't say more about that for now.
On the lighter side........
Did you ever notice that something that you used to watch or read and enjoy , now just makes you want to scream ??
I love old movies, especially the older black and white ones with the clever writing and brisk pace. I watched the original version of " The Women " yesterday. I love Roz Russell. I really do. I really do...but..after watching her character " Sylvia Fowler " for more than ten minutes, I wanted to go find a garden stake in the yard to puncture my eardrums.
When did Witty become a Screech ?
If this is what being middle aged's fucked up .
Keep a good thought for us ..I won't ask for prayers as that is a bit much IMHO...
Have a great week
Aunty Pol

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