Friday, March 06, 2009

Random Musings

Over the last few days , I have come to examine some things.

* Warning - Random Mind Drift May Occur *

I started this verbal diarrhea ( SU term) a few years ago for a variety of reasons. Reactions to various moments of bullshit that seem to feel a requirement to appear in my IRL....Whatevs.

Sometimes it was to convey to the SU a point or a problemo that I wasn't quite up to addressing .

Sometimes it was shit the Katz did that amused me.

I am very careful to the point of paranoia of respecting other peoples names ( * Names have been changed to blah blah blah ) because I realize that I do not have the right or entitlement to out them for being the total hatted ones they are and just fail to fucking get it.

I read a variety of blogs that interest me. I have almost a Tourettes variety of " Gotta Read That "

One blog lately has interested me to the point that I have read the whole thing over the last three days - at work - shhhhh.

I can relate in a lot of scary ways whether I want to own that or not.

And again , it is the train wreck ( no offense intended) that we all see and can't tear away from.

For that I am grateful, because it made me examine yet again what I would feel is permitted for me to put out there, what I am comfortable with.

For that boot to the head, thank you Sous Gal.


Aunty Pol


Sous Gal said...

Oh you're very welcome although I didn't do a damn thing cept put my stuff out there. Not many people read it. I'm no dooce or Waiter Rant and that's perfectly great by me. If you got something from it, even if just a giggle, then you took away something good from my life that I share. And *that's*...a good thing :)

Aunty Pol said...

Oh honey...You gave me more to laugh about, think about and process in those three days of reading than many others. Blogs are what they are..Mine is just the verbal diahrrea that bangs in my brain a lot of the time...A way to bitch, vent or say those things out loud that matter only to me. Sometimes it's the Katz...the SU ( Spousal Unit) or the JOB...working for lawyers and amongst a staff with the combined IQ of a scallop is way too much fun...

LOVE the new photo by the way

Hugs and Headbutts