Sunday, March 01, 2009


It's been a nice weekend, note .... I did not say great.

Great means we win the lottery.

Nice means I got done a lot of little crap that I've needed to and hate to overall.

Cleaning out the purse, organizing coupons, creating files, filing know. The usual crap that can pile up.

I attribute this to an unusual situation....I got enough sleep yesterday..I got a nap. Not a great or restful one overall as the kids decided to play Speed Racer/ Thundering Herd of Elephants over the Momma....but still the time to get to try to get nappage.


I am feeling like I am on thin ice tonight.

There is a movie on HBO staring Kevin Bacon called " Taking Chance."

I became aware of this movie while it was in production and I have read all of the reviews, all thumbs up, positive and yet not over the top.

And yet I hesitated to bring this up to the SU.

The movie deals with bringing home the body of a soldier killed down range.

A 20 year old man /child.

I say this not out of disrespect , I saw the film in the other room and I can see the promise of youth in Chances face.

I had to go back to our room at one point and saw SU's face and his tears. His comment was telling.

" I didn't want to watch it but I had to ."

I try not to belabor the point but SU did a tour in Viet Nam.

Just one.

I get this confused , because he was in twice, but having been corrected ...( thanks dear) ..still


He served.

We have followed this war in some ways more than most , and in others not as closely. It is what it is for the individual , and I do not say this to sound flip, or disrespectful in any way. I have seen at times what these experiences have done to my husband, he does not talk about it a lot exxcept around other vet's in that jovial " Let me tell what we did here....pass the beer over" kind of thing.

I do not and cannot compare myself to the spouses of those in sevice who also serve today...right now as we speak. I was not married to SU when he served. I just deal with the aftermath.

But the issues are still in some ways there. We are dealing with the V.A . over medical issues and so that adventure had begun.

But my husband had it right.

The movie should be viewed and discussed by every person in this country, regardless of political viewpoint.

I grew up in the military and my pride in that has no bounds.

My husband knows that I am proud of him, today was just another example of why.


Aunty Pol

P.S. ( I corrected the post dear..thanks....see ..if I got a better nap and you kept the herd from thundering on the bed...LMAO...!!)


Gordy said...

Sorry Dear,I only did 10 months. Tricky Dick did what he campained on in 1970, he brought the troops home. I was part of that first wave.

Aunty Pol said...


Thats about the only damn thing Tricky Dick actually did as not get me started on that MoFo.