Monday, March 23, 2009

AMF BSG , Pt. 2

Yeah, all y'all knew I'd be coming back to this topic again .
I have to tell ya, the final ep is a huge topic at the office...wheeeeeee.
One of the bits that I omitted from the first post was the fact that I thought the insertion of that brief bit of the original theme was a very nice touch .
Yeah, I was one of the many who thought that the casting of Richard Hatch as Tom Zarek was a huge ass stretch, but by the time that they filmed the execution , yeah...Apollo who ? It is widely known that Hatch had a huge ego problem with the re-make or anything else BSG for that matter that didn't have his paw prints all over it ..but it all worked in the end.
On the other hand...the massive ego of the " We can give them language " still bothers me. NO, I did not expect nor would I have accepted any sort of Prime Directive bullshit ..but to assume that the native culture had no language , and by this , I am assuming verbal is beyond stupid. The natives are seen in a representative hunting party scenario, which by itself establishes some format of communication.
Furthermore , these " teachers" are folks that just came off of ships with what appears to be little more than the clothes on their backs and they are going to improve the lives of the society ?
I am not saying that they should have packed all of their crap. The fuel issue after the jump to the Colony alone would have mandated conservation...but still...come on people...... These are people who lost everything...they made lives with what little they had on of the stronger underlying themes of the series was the building and preservation of relationships . But tools, no pot to boil water medicines. Yeah..Cottle...ya did well there....the comparison of small pox , blankets and Native American genocide comes to mind.
Yeah I loved it ...but......still.....
Carry on .
Aunty Pol

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