Monday, March 23, 2009


Adios , BSG !
To say that my feelings are a mixed bag here sounds trite , even to me.
Yes, I am one of those rabid fans who latched onto this show with a vengeance not seen since B5 . And yes, my cynical friends , there was writing on B5 that made me groan out frakkin loud..." Sinclair is Valen ? Well , no shit Sherlock..GAH !!!!!
I'd thought about listing two sections..the good and the bad about the final episode, and then realized that one would far out pace the other , and thus give a very lopsided picture...and that is not the truth of it at all.
More than anything else...the bad to me was the enough of the " Hera !!!!" I mean how far can this frakkin kid run.....on a ship. For the most part of my limited observations , if your kid takes off, you haul ass , grab the kid and hang on. Even the viewers know, by this stage that if you put Hera down , she's gonna haul ass. And excuse Moi...? These are trained soldiers that are chasing her and the woman dying of cancer is one of the ones who corners her ???? Yes , true to the opera house dream ...but puh - leeeseeee . We all know that Hera was a key..Moore just stopped short of tattooing it on the kids forehead to hammer that one home.
Furthermore, the opera house was CIC ? Well ...again shit....the first time they moved Anders vat o tasty aspic to the CIC to merge him with the other hybrid and the camera angle shoots an over head of the final 5....anyone that was paying attention realized that scene was the same one that got Deanna boxed.
And finally, Cavill eating the from the " We all know he's a whiney asshat who is not to be trusted and we are just gonna move past the incest theme between him and Ellen....really..." EWWWWW". But , that being said or not..there was no reason, plot or logic that called for his death..none, zip, nada. Chief killing Torrey ? OH HELL YEAH...Bitch got served. The look on the Chief's face when he shares the memory of that bit..oh you knew she was gonna die....OH HELL YEAH. That's for Calley and Dualla and Boomer and all of those who were victims more often than not.
On to the good bits.
Gaius finally growing a set....Caprica letting him.....finally. One of the funniest scenes was the one where Gaius and Cap 6 see their head chip ghosts....yes...Gaius was one too...and they look at each other , sputtering .." Do you see them ?"
Other funny scene ....Tigh trying to buy a lap dance for Adama......OMG...I wish MST3K was still around...Tom Servo would have had a friggan field day with that bit alone.
Sha Zaaaaammmmmm...LMAO...
I liked how Roslin's death was handled .....and yes...I cried when Bill slipped his wedding band on her hand...but it was restrained and dignified and thankfully if it was Ellen...we'd still be hearing Tigh was enough of that in the strip club .
And finally...I don't care what Kara Thrace was . That was not the point . She did her job and knew when it was time to go...nuff said.
Other than that, it was a good weekend . I helped the younger Brother write a resume..not hard , it's just when it's been a while...once I had the verbage needed , it took 20 minutes , tops.
The weather is nice now so it's pollen city...yep yep yep....
Still watching " Peacemakers" on Fancast......wooooo hooooo ....Tom Berenger and ponies....SCORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a good week .
Aunty Pol

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