Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well, things are moving along....LMAO...yeah...I know .
SU's surgery hopefully is scheduled for the last week of March so I am hopeful it will all work out. I'd forgotten how many ingrained habits I have until the ride in this morning. As is my custom, I usually take the first week of April off for my birthday because :
1. I can - DAMMIT
2. The weather is wonderful here to work in the yard.
3. Occasionally, my birthday/vacation week includes Good Friday ( Bonus !!!!!!! No PTO Used) .
4. Beyond a certain point ( ie SU and Nee Nee) , I detest the bullshit falderall celebration birthday shite. I really do . When we do celebrate , it is usually with either the Crazy Cajuns or the NG's and it is very low key.
SU asked in his random , wheels in head turning fashion if I was going to take it off and I replied that I had not planned on it as yet. He'd obviously forgotten that we had decided that I wasn't going to take that week off since we had planned to meet Count Thalim and his lovely bride in Orlando for a week at the end of June. Since we had to cancel that , I had been waiting to see when the actual surgical dates were before scheduling the PTO . I am hoping now that the finances are in order ( yes, there's a comma in our after the insurance pays we owe bit...) that it will be sooner than later......
And of course the lovely VA has decided that he has no benefits at all ...FUCKYOUTHANKYOUVERYMUCH...
Again, just another bright and shining example of the way that our guv'mt treats the Military and our a voter, I am sooooooooo proud .
Hopefully it will all be over soon.
Ciao ,
Aunty Pol

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