Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day 2013

Happy Boxing Day or Good gravy m an I glad the holidays is OVAH !

Jeebus H.

Don't get me wrong, it was nice..quiet..nice...lah de dah at the Casa with Southside Johnny on Christmas Eve and all, but..exhausting all the same.

I had a revelation this season that amongst the things I have been able to realize this last year is the gift of the choice of time. Every year that we get a Christmas bonus, it is always on the night of the Christmas party, traditionally the first Thursday of the month.

Nuh Uh this year, it was the 18'th and the real burn was some asshat letting it slip that Atlanta had gotten theirs the week here I am , the Lone Ranger awash in a sea of OMG there is only one more Saturday before Christmas and I got to get mah shit n git.

I've seen it all over the years at the firm, the competitiveness of the singles in the who has the cutest outfit/hotest date/best gift from a partner hoping to get  some under the Mistletoe or not. I've seen attorneys treat their secdretaries to 3 hour section lunches and forget the rest of the staff like me whoo have to keep all their happy asses in line and happy happy joy joy'd up to the gills. I've seen amazing acts of kindness and things that make me weep for humanity.

But I've never seen such expressions of ho hum, bummed out no joy mind numbing don't give a rats ass as I am this year.

Alert the media !

Each and every one of us most likely has some drama going on in their lives , especially during the holidays...but that aside...we have jobs, roofs, food, clean water and all the stuff  that the vast majority in the world don't.

I'm not saying get your asses over served with the Nog...but come on ..snap out of it.

Most of you are lu ckier than you know.

Rant over, carry on.

Aunty Pol

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