Monday, December 30, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday............

Well, I finally went out and did it .

I saw an ad at Best Buy for laptops and thought " Hot Damn". being me, after the paws and claws bit , off we went.

Of course the one that I wanted was " Out Of Stock".

Really ??????????????????????????????????????????????


The ad came out in yesterdays frakkin paper and you're out ?

Really ?

Sooooo...young sales dude steered me towards an HP with the same features but of course being the klutz that I am , I opted for the insurance and geek squad bit for a year because as I have amply demonstrated, your Aunty here can trip over air ( turbulence folks...nothing to see here , move on ). And thus the  cost was higher than the bundled price but well under what I had expected.

And I know someone out there is asking why...I can hear y'all.

I love the hubby, I really do but I am tired T I R E D y'all of sharing custody of the pc. I want to blog when I want to b log or play facebook games ( current obsession,,Criminal Case.) and just basically do mah thang.

Is it a learning curve ?

You bet!

Am I up for learning new shiny  toys ?

Please forgive the typos..I need a roller ball mouse , this one sucks .

Have you met me ?

Have a great week  !


Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

New shiny toy! Congratulations!